Your financial transactions in Notion,synced automatically.

Keep track of where your money is going, organize your expenses, and see everything in one place.

Finotion - Your financial transactions in Notion, synced automatically | Product Hunt

Never manually update a spreadsheet again.

Finotion imports your daily transactions and account balances from over 11,000 financial institutions and adds them to your Notion database automatically.

Review and keep track of your expenses, with ease.

Use Notion's built-in checkbox property to quickly review where your money is going.

Personalize your budget tracker, with the power of Notion.

Customize your dashboard to your heart's delight. Add widgets, rollup your data, and use Notion's powerful filters to get a crystal clear view of your finances.

All your account balances are here, too.

Your available balance, current spending, and credit card limit are synced to the Accounts database.

The fastest way to manage your money.

Add custom tags to your transactions to organize them in a way that makes sense to you.

See your finances in a whole new way.

Want a bird's eye view of how you've been spending your money this month? Switch over to Notion's calendar view to see what you bought on what day.

Ready to dive in?Get a grip on your finances, starting today.

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