Manage your money, in Notion.
With Finotion, you no longer have to copy and paste your data into spreadsheets.

Just create an account and see everything in one place, updated automatically.
Your financial transactions in Notion,
synced automatically.
Authenticate your bank accounts via secure login with Plaid. Your data is protected with bank grade encryption.
Your Notion database is automatically updated with new transactions and account balances every day.
Enjoy peace of mind knowing all your finances are in one place. Use Notion to track your goals, budget, and customize everything.
Get started in just 3 easy steps.
Connect your bank accounts via Plaid.
Duplicate the Finotion Notion template.
Link the Finotion integration to your Notion page.
Made with ❤️ for Notion
With Notion, you can customize your financial dashboard however you see fit. Create relations, rollups, and dashboards, so you can manage your money easily.